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Suite GF.01

9,411 sq ft

Suite GF.01

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Key Information

Size: 9,411 sq ft
Private kitchenette: Yes
1GB/sec fibre: Yes
Passenger lift: Yes
Air conditioned: Yes
More information in our FAQs

Our spaces include:

  • 1GB/sec fibre

  • Air Conditioning

  • Fully furnished

  • Dedicated car parking

  • Secure cycle parking

  • Secure lockers

  • Showers

  • Cycle Repair Station

  • Disabled WCs

  • LED Lighting


We understand what businesses expect from their office space.

  • What is the length of lease?

    The length of a lease is a negotiable element of any agreement between us.

    The minimum term, i.e. before any provision allowing you to break your lease, will determine the level of incentives that are able to provided you upon completion of the lease.

    Should you wish to move within the building and take more space, any pre-existing lease will be automatically cancelled so you would not have to worry about any subletting or assignment in that instance.

  • What is security of tenure?

    Security of Tenure is the security or right for you to be able to renew your lease upon lease expiry.

    All leases granted at Culverdon Chertsey are contracted outside of the Landlord and Tenants Act 1954.  This means that you will have full occupation rights for the duration of the lease .

  • How long does it take to complete the lease?

    There is a standard lease in place for Culverdon Chertsey that has been used on multiple occasions.

    Therefore, the lease can be completed very quickly but this is also dependent upon your lawyers acting without delay.

    Typically, the cycle from agreement of terms to lease completion is about 4 weeks but should occupation be needed more urgently it is possible to conclude the agreement within a week.

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